Bridal Commissions

This commissioned Suite consisted of an Engagement Ring, Wedding Bands, Hairpiece, and two pairs of Bridesmaid Chandelier Earrings.

Custom Engagement Ring

The Engagement Ring was Hand Fabricated in 18K White Gold and Garnet. The ring  was designed to replicate a piece belonging to the customer (an antique Moroccan ring), but with a few modifications.

Custom Diamond Wedding Band

Her Wedding Band was made to nestle into the Engagement Ring and also made in  18K White Gold and 2 Baguette Diamonds.

Custom Bridal Set

This photo shows the two rings nestled together.

Custom Wedding Band

His ring was Hand Fabricated in a combination of  Argentium Sterling Silver and Fine Silver. The interior of the ring was made out of Argentium, then heat hardened. It was finally enveloped in fine silver (PMC), engraved and fired. At the customer’s request, it was hammered and given a patina.

Bridal Suite

Bridal Starburst Hairpiece

The bride’s Hairpiece was Hand Knit and Fabricated in Argentium Sterling Silver with Natural Pearls and Rock Crystals.

Bridesmaid Chandelier Earrings

The two Bridesmaid Chandelier Earrings were Hand Knit in Argentium Sterling Silver and 1/20 14K Yellow Gold Filled Wire with Rock Crystals.

This second commission consists of an Engagement Ring and two Wedding Bands. All were made to have a matte, brushed finish on the outside with a shiny, polished finish on the inside.

Amethyst Engagement Ring

Amethyst Engagement Ring

The Engagement Ring was Hand Fabricated in 18K Yellow Gold with a Bezel Set Oval Amethyst Cabochon.

Wedding Bands

The set of Two Tone Wedding Bands were Hand Fabricated in 18K Yellow Gold and Palladium.